Training duration: 2 days

Training goal

The goal of the training is to learn about services dedicated to IoT solutions and to gain first experiences with their practical implementation.

The training is carried out in the form of workshops in which each participant takes an active part. Interesting exercises and analyzes of existing solutions are mixed with the appropriate dose of theory. The exact form and type of exercises is always adjusted to the level of knowledge, experience and size of the training group.

The following durations of individual sections are estimates and should serve to understand what elements will be emphasized.

Training duration: 2 days

Target Audience

The training is dedicated to programmers, software engineers and architects of IT solutions.

The training assumes predetermined goals, but its exact form is always adapted to the needs based on a pre-training survey.

Training Content

IoT World – 1 hour

Printers, washing machines, telephones, cars, pots – more and more devices are connected to the Internet. An overview of the applications of IoT solutions.

IoT ecosystem in AWS – 1 hour

Introduction to Pub/Sub patternt, MQTT and other necessary elements of IoT type systems.

„On edge” computing – 1 hour

Why the load of computing power is gradually shared with the end devices.

AWS IoT Core – 4 hours

An in-depth analysis of the main website dedicated to the Internet of Things systems.

AWS Greengrass – 1 hour

How AWS addressed the „Fog computing” problem.

AWS Device Management – 30 minutes

The way you manage millions of devices from one place.

AWS IoT Analytics – 1 hour

How to conduct complex analyzes on millions of devices, with minimal complexity and costs.

Other IoT Services – 2 hours

Introduction to a wide range of additional services dedicated to IoT.

Alternatives – 1 hour

Quick review of alternative solutions, including open source ones.

Next steps – 30 minutes

How to start an adventure with IoT systems.