Serverless Masterclass

Training duration: 3 days

Training Description

The training is carried out in the form of workshops in which each participant takes an active part. Interesting exercises and analyzes of existing solutions are mixed with the appropriate dose of theory. The exact form and type of exercises is always adjusted to the level of knowledge, experience and size of the training group.

Target Audience

The training is dedicated to software engineers and IT system architects who have basic knowledge of the subject of public cloud.

The training presupposes predetermined goals, but its exact form is always adapted to the needs based on a pre-training survey.

Training Content

Serverless – 1 hour

In the first part, we will describe what is Serveless, how it related to FaaS and BaaS, and also present business problems in which serverless architectures are the ideal solution.

Serverless vs serverful – 30 minutes

In this part you will learn key differences between the serverless and serverful approaches. We will try to understand what the shared responsibility model is, ie. at what point the AWS part ends and when the programmers take over the responsibility.

Costs – 30 minutes

There is no* simple and reliable approach for estimation of the IT solutions costs. In the case of Serverless architectures, the case may become even more complicated. We will show you the key elements that should be taken into account when determining TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for serverless solutions.

Lambda deep dive – 3 hours

Theoretical basics, use-cases, configuration, scalability, deployment, versioning, aliases, cold start … and many other concepts, the knowledge of which is required for proper use of the AWS Lambda capabilities.

DynamoDB deep dive – 3 hours

Theoretical basics, use cases, global tables, transactions, indexes, bandwidth.

S3 deep dive – 2 hours

Basics, use-cases, configuration, scalability, security, life cycle, webhosting and other S3 elements that will help you better understand the possibilities offered by one of the most popular AWS services.

Other serverless services – 2 hours

Designing of a professional IT system, regardless of its size and class, is possible using only serverless services. We will briefly talk about Cognito, CloudWatch, Api Gateway, AppSync, IAM and other services.

Example architectures – 6 hours

The quintessence of the entire training. In this part we hope that we will convince you to our claim that serverless is the future of IT solutions. During the training, we will prepare ready-made architecture, solving existing business problems.

AWS competition – 30 minutes

Quick introduction to AWS alternatives for serverless solutions.

Next Steps – 30 minutes

We do not know the training that fully covers the subject of serverless services in AWS. We will tell you what could be your next steps to get an unofficial AWS Serverless Jedi title.