Personalised AWS Cloud trainings by Cloudaemons

Tailored AWS trainings.

Training Description

Cloudaemons trainers have participated in and held dozens of trainings and courses. Participation in the training usually results from a previously existing need. Regardless of whether the need is the result of internal development motivation in interesting topics or business situation – the training brings the greatest value when it meets the assumed goals.

In order to increase your chances of training aimed at your needs, you should define them well and look for the available course based on them.

The Cloudaemons approach, assumes trainers are responsibilities for audience needs and training content alignment.

How it works

After the first contact with Cloudaemons trainers, first of all the necessary competences of the trainers are verified with customer needs.

Training Schedule

Competence analysis

We only carry out trainings in which we are sure that the experience and expertise of trainers are fully sufficient to prepare the training.

If the training needs coincide with our capabilities, we go to the needs analysis stage.

Needs analysis

We make sure that the training meets both the business needs set by the course sponsor and the actual expectations of the participants. To this end, we communicate with all interested parties as much as possible.

Agreement on high-level assumptions and prices

On the basis of the information gathered, we define the main assumptions of the training and the anticipated time needed for its preparation and implementation. After agreeing on the assumptions, the price is set for the preparation of the training and its carrying out.

Preparation of the training syllabus

The final effect of this stage is to present for acceptance the detailed description of the training at once with the exact duration and lists of its goals.

Preparation of training materials

The result of the preparatory period is tailored training.

After the preparatory stage, training is planned and carried out. Regardless of the number of editions of a given course, after each of them we collect opinions about the training and on their basis we propose possible improvements.

In special situations, training materials may be exclusively transferred if confidential information is included in its content.