Designing solutions on the AWS Traning

Training duration: 2 days

Training Description

The aim of the training is to get to know and understand the principals when designing systems run on AWS public cloud.

The training is carried out in the form of workshops in which each participant takes an active part. Interesting exercises and analyzes of existing solutions are mixed with the appropriate dose of theory. The exact form and type of exercises is always adjusted to the level of knowledge, experience and size of the training group.

The following durations of individual sections are estimates and should serve to understand what elements will be emphasized.

Training duration: 3 days

Target Audience

The training is dedicated to programmers, software engineers and architects of IT solutions.

The training presupposes predetermined goals, but its exact form is always adapted to the needs based on a pre-training survey.

Training Content

Overview of the AWS cloud services – 1 hour

Analysis and systematisation of solutions provided by AWS.

5 pillars of a well-designed solution – 1 hour

AWS provides a solid set of guidelines and principles that we should follow when designing systems. In this part we will introduce you to these pillars.

“Operational Excellence” – 1 hour

How to efficiently build and develop systems in the AWS cloud.

“Security” – 2 hours

Why security is part of the work of every member of the project team.

“Reliability” – 1 hours

About how to prepare for situations that can not happen.

“Performance efficiency” – 1 hour

How to create performance efficient solutions.

“Cost optimization” – 1 hour

Explaining why saving 1 cent per user converts into $ 100,000 in large IT systems.

IT Systems classification – 1 hour

As the proper classification of the system being built, it helps to target the right set of services and architecture.

Example architectures analysis – 4 hours

System architecture is never finished. We will try to convince you to constantly improve the architecture of your system.

Prototyping – 1 hour

A few words, why designing solutions from PoC is a step in the right direction.

Design tools – 1 hour

Presentation of available solutions and sample usage.

Designing your own system – 2 hours

Designing your own system with trainers supervision.

Next steps – 30 minutes

How to expand our PoC?