Alexa Skills Development

Training duration: 2 days

Training description

The training is carried out in the form of workshops in which each participant takes an active part. Interesting exercises and analyzes of existing solutions are mixed with the appropriate dose of theory. The exact form and type of exercises is always adjusted to the level of knowledge, experience and size of the training group. The main goal of the workshop is to acquire the skills to create Alexa custom skills.

Target audience

The training is dedicated to software engineers and for people who are interested in programming.

The training assumes predetermined goals, but its exact form is always adapted to the needs based on a pre-training survey.

Training Content

Amazon Alexa – 1 hour

Introduction to voice assistants with the targeting of the Amazon Alexa engine. Presentation of available devices, creation rules and Alexa skill types.

Voice Interface – 30 minutes

Outline of the principles for voice interfaces design, focused on difference from graphic interfaces. Basic principles of Voice Experience.

Designing Dialogues – 2 hours

The section focuses on explaining in practice the four main principles of dialog design.

Alexa skill model – 2 hours

We will familiarize ourselves with the basic terms used in the design of skills, such as intentions and slots, and we will present the principles of creating a model with an emphasis on the certification process.

Alexa on AWS – 1 hour

Quick introduction to recommended AWS services, to create skills.

Build your own skill – 4 hours

Practical familiarization with the Alex SDK, dialogue design, model and rapid prototyping of skills at AWS.

Monetization – 1 hour

We will explain how to make money on Alexa skills.

Competition – 30 minutes

Express review of competing voice assistants engines with an emphasis on google home.

Next steps – 30 minutes

Tips on certification, possible integrations and many other possible development paths for Amazon Alexa competencies.